The Weregild


A new season for the Weregild!

We cannot defer this responsibility to posterity. Time will not wait” – Eldgrim Wyrdmake, Founding of the Harbingers of Spring

The Queens of Irrisen bang the drums of war to whip their citizenry into a fervor. “Remember your position! Your duty is to your Queens!” the heralds shout in every city across the Country.

The drums of war have reach a fevered pitch and blood boils with hate within man and beast alike. Their minds have closed, the Queens will have no need in seizing the rights of their citizens. Rather, the citizens, infused with hate and blinded by patriotism, offer up all of their rights unto the Queens and gladly so. What was before oppression within the borders of Irrisen is now domination. Armies march for the Verge province under whips and the close and constant scrutiny of Mirror men.


In Blackraven hall ancient maps are spread across the tables of the war room. Lines will need to be drawn along the border. A line literally drawn in the earth. Trenches, earthworks and palisades. Riders cross between the Keeps of the great halls of all the Linnorm Kings. Loathe to fight or commit armies inland instead of on the sea Freyr Darkwine will have trouble convincing the Kings to show their full strength in defence of the eastern border.

A drawn out war will not be in favor of the Ulfen people loyal to Sveinn.

The drums are a death knell.


Kyle_Orm Kyle_Orm

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