The Weregild

Braganza, Molthune

A step in the wrong direciton

Braganza is a city on the Plains of Molthune on the western edge of that country, and is one of the centers of the worship of Abadar in the region.


Ruled by Prince-Archbanker of Abadar Cole Ravnagask and his bailiff brother Terandar, the walled city has taken a particular passage from their god’s canon particularly to heart. This passage comes from The Order of Numbers, an ancient copy of which is kept in the Golden Glory of the Lawgiver, the city’s cathedral-bank. It exhorts the faithful to “frequently shed the skin of the old and clothe itself in the finery of the new.” The Ravnagask brothers have interpreted this to mean that they should constantly be expanding the city by constructing new buildings. This urban expansion has failed to attract many new settlers, however, and most of the new houses stand empty.

Because of the glory of Abadar many wealthy and worldly merchants make Braganza their summer home and guilds pay ridiculous prices to set up shop here.

With the Harbingers task ahead Braganza proved a useful opportunity to re-arm and resupply after their trek through the Mindspin mountains. Such a respite was welcome by some and proved uncomfortable to others of the group.

After spending what gold they had the group headed south skirting the Backar Forest and headed for Trilmsgitt towers….


Kyle_Orm Kyle_Orm

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