The Weregild

End of Tarandar Ravagansk

A murder avenged


For better or worse Terandar Ravagansk was dead. His helpless body dashed upon the wall and thrown from the Tower he had spent decades trying to exploit. He had murdered the wife of Ciuq Trilmsgitt and paid the ultimate price for his petty revenge on the wizards.

The Harbingers had performed their mission perfectly. Luring the Bailiff into a meeting under false pretense to proffer their false scroll of disjunction and furthering the deception by allowing him to lead the party to an abandoned warehouse they wished to lease.

His vigilant bodyguards, the best money could buy in Molthune, where no match for the concerted efforts of the Harbingers to capture Terandar alive.


Upon return Nyl Trilmsgitt was immensely grateful for easing his brother Ciuqs loss with this justice done. They where rewarded with just the devices they had sought in the past months. Magical implements to sabotage the constructs employed by the Witches of Irrisen. But would they prove useful against the foul soul magicks powering them?

The Harbingers make their plans to move North again in earnest.


Kyle_Orm Kyle_Orm

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