The Weregild

The Kodar Mountains

The Long Road Home


The road was long and arduous north along the Mindspin mountains as the Harbingers answered the call to the legendary Dwarven Foundry made by Eldgrim Wyrdmake.

Supplied with fresh mounts from Braganza the Harbingers headed for the border. Tom knew well to give Fort Ramgate a wide berth so the group made for the westmost river crossing in the foothills. Upon reaching what the locals called the “Inkwater” river, Tom chose to scout ahead, encountering two Nirmathi scouts bracketing the river he engaged and killed one before returning to the party.

Deciding it was the best course of action to cross the river and gain as much ground as possible before the patrol returned with reinforcements the Harbingers force marched North west higher into the foothills before sheltering in one of Zhixian Lis’ famous Groves of Respite.


Awaking in the night Garros Garamonde spotted a flight of Harpies headed into the Mindspin mountains. This proved useful when the group ascended into the pass leading to the Bloodsworn Vale. Knowing their song could be lethal the group followed Li’s example and packed their ears with clay earth which, while causing some disorientation, did aid them in the coming confrontation with the avian hags. Bloodied, only one harpy escaped the ambush they had laid.

Victorious the Harbingers descended into the Bloodsworn Vale to rest.


Days passed on the road. The relative safety of the Varisian roads was a welcome respite. Horses where watered and fed regularly and the group was able to take in the beauty of the fertile plains of Varisias lowlands.

Their destination however would again lead them high into the Kodar mountains. According to Aldrytch knowledge of this area south of his homeland they would need to find a 400 foot high section of the Plateau called the Storval Stairs.


Halfway up the climb, while resting on a convenient ledge, the Harbingers where approached by a giant who introduced himself kindly to Zhixian Li as “Cliff”. After a brief discourse Cliff offered to take first watch while his new friends rested. He then promptly fell asleep.

In the morning the new friends parted ways and continued the climb.


Encountering some odd formations in the ground and almost losing a comrade to the toxic affects, Li carefully reasoned that the fissures where in fact rifts that leaked negative energy into the material plane. Barely detectable tracks showed that a group of Guiltgorgers must have emerged and now wander the Mountains, but at whose bidding?

Cautiously the Harbingers continued on into the mountains on the final approach to the Foundry.


The bridge leading into the Foundry from the south was packed with Varisian Merchants, Dwarven emissaries, and many other folk looking to capitalize on the news that the Foundry was back in Dwarven hands. Soon after they joined the crowd attempting to gain access to the bridge a crashing thunder ripped across the mountains, the sky filled with dense red clouds and began spewing Doomriders and torrential rain at an alarming rate. Engaging the first few infernal goat mounted riders the Harbingers quickly decided to aid the people trapped on the bridge by forcing the gates open. Grateful travellers abandoned their goods on the bridge and rushed into the Foundry.


With all safe inside the gates where sealed. Survivors within listened in fear or anger as the storm raged on and the Doomriders screamed their curses or bade their mounts beat upon the gates with their massive horns. Negative energy crackled around the hinges as those riders with magical affinity cast spells in vain attempts to gain entry…

Things where not off to a good start for whomever these upstart Dwarves where that had liberated the Foundry.


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