The Weregild

Trilmsgitt Towers Trials

Foot of the Menador Mountains


Nyl, Fedge, and Ciuq Trilmsgitt where wizards.

Rare in Molthune but not unheard of. The three where also brothers from a wealthy Imperial family. After earning renown in the Canorate court they built the three identical towers that stand close to the southern border of Molthune below the Menador mountains. During the exorbitantly expensive construction (Subsidized by the Ravagansk family in Braganza) the brothers are said to have installed complicated dimension doors, locks and traps.

Soon after completion the brothers went into seclusion. Those towers stand now heavily warded against intruders. Attempts to break the wards on the doors by the Arcanists hired to inspect them by the Ravagansk Family have since failed.

Armed with powerful scrolls of Disjunction acquired from the hermetic seers residing in Windwatch keep, the Harbingers of Spring gained entry to the long forgotten Trilmsgitt towers.

What they found inside was disturbing.

In the experimental creation of golems and contructs it seemed that the brothers had gone too far. Half living creatures resembling hunched, broken Haemonculii and Iron behemoths spouting steam and leaking oil stalked the great halls of the towers. The brothers relationships seemed to have deteriorated as well. Each secluding themselves in their respective tower to continue their guarded and secretive work.

Of the three, Nyl Trilmsgitt was the most co-operative in the end. He explains that a man named Terandar Ravagansk is the reason they confined themselves. The state ‘demanded’ that the Trilmsgitt family pay tribute in the form of Golem soldiers and gold only after they built these bastions in the south. To Nyl, it is enough they once watched over the southern passes through the Menador mountains. Terandar simply wanted to use them as a political tool to gain more favor in Canorate than his Holier than thou brother Cole.

Nyl describes his last brother Ciuq as well, saying he secluded himself from even them. He was working on a way to confound and even outright destroy the magics that held Golems together in the event Braganza found another source for Golem warriors. Nyl Advises them not to bother him as he has gone mad after the death of his wife whom they all believe was poisoned at a banquet in Braganza after they locked the towers as this branded the brothers as traitors to the Ravagansk Family.

Nyl has asked the Harbingers to do seek vengeance for him and his brother Ciuq. He has decided Terandar must die as a message to the Ravagansks.


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