Aldrych Betyrina

Defected from Irrisen, Member of the Harbingers


Aldrych, dismissive of this birthright and station, has sought to right the wrongs and attempt to upset the Matriarchy that rules his home country of Irrisen.

While almost all Ulfen (And most other human ethnicities on Avistan) can identify Aldrych as a descendant of Jadwigan bloodlines he seems sincerely juxtaposed with their usual values and stereotypes. He admits to consorting with the Heralds of Summers Return and intentionally freeing Ulfen slaves from his employ before defecting to the Land of the Linnorm Kings.

While most military organizations in the Thanelands would never recruit him, Eldgrim Wyrdmake saw a unique opportunity to add to the ranks of the more un-traditional Harbingers of Spring. Along with Corvus Sicarius he has traveled south to rendezvous with Tom, Li and Garros.

Most people view Aldrych with either awe or envy in varying degrees. Being Jadwiga he is a “child of the witch-mother”, Baba Yaga, who hails from elsewhere in the Great Beyond. He appears (and is) Human but is conditioned through his life to carry himself with other-worldly pride and nobility like a powerful wizard might – and looks very much the part.


Here we are at Blackraven Hall… A sense of dread and fear washes over me as I see the massive keep in the distance. To most of the men here I am nothing more then their enemy, someone they should eliminate. Although to be honest I don’t blame them for hating me or my people. Some of the we have done… well it’s better to just not think about such things like that….

But I am no enemy. I have ultimately come to Blackraven hall in order to find a way to truly make a difference and help force change throughout these lands. I have done my fair share, doing small things here and there to help the Ulfen people living in Irrisen. Whether it was just sneaking extra food to Ulfen slaves that my family kept, to giving small bits of gold to further the growing underground rebellion, to actually freeing the few slaves that I could without being caught.

Why I did it, I’m not quite sure. as a descendent of Queen Betrina, one would think being part of the nobility that there would be no need to be part of this rebellion, that I should hate or look down upon the Ulfen people, but that wasn’t the case. While my great-great-Grandmother Queen Betrina was fierce and wielded immense power, things haven’t worked out as well for her descendants. At this point my family and I were at best on the fringe of nobility. Unlike my family, that did not bother me as much. Seeing the conditions in which other people lived, especially the Ulfen, made me realise how good I had it.

Ahh yes, my family. I had a mother, a father and two brothers, both older then I. My rebellious nature mostly came from them, not because they held the same views or ideals as I did, but more because I never fit in with my family. Where I felt I should work hard to get what I had and make a name for myself, my family viewed it differently. They thought that our family name should carry more weight to it, they thought to get more we should just take more from the Ulfen people, they seen them as nothing more then scum and slaves. It was sickening to watch and listen to them try to politic their way into more power. I suppose that’s why I felt like I had more in common with the Ulfen. Hearing the tales of extraordinary men killing massive beasts to become king was something I always secretly enjoyed hearing about. I always thought it was a better system for determining a ruler, much better then having a Baba Yaga come back and put a one of her daughters on the throne.

Why did the Jagwida take this? It seemed like a foolish system to be honest, and I’m surprised no one has really been able to rise up, rebel and overthrow our current government. Queen Elvanna grows madder and madder each day. She is mobilizing her army and attempting to amass troops in the Verge currently, for what reasons I am not exactly sure. While I have never fit in with my family, they have suffered greatly so far during the reign of Queen Elvanna. Being low level nobles, and men, my brothers and father were all conscripted into the Irrisen army about two years ago. All three died in battle. Shortly after we’d gotten news on my brothers and father, mother developed a sickness and also passed away. I was alone, the last of my family… I was going to make sure Elvanna paid for what she had done, to my family, to the Ulfen people, to everyone.

I decided to sell everything I could that I wouldn’t need anymore, I doubt I would return here again, to get as much gold as I could, so that I could get the required armor and supplies for what I was about to leave Irrisen to do. I freed the last Ulfen slave that my mother had kept in our household during her sickness. I was told if I truly wanted to make a difference and help the Ulfen people, that I should head for Blackraven Hall. I agreed and thought we should travel there together. As we were readying to leave, I remembered one last piece of equipment I needed. It was placed on a wall above the bed in my fathers bed. It was his prized possession, the large scimitar that was named Be’Lakor, it was passed down through the generations of my family.

I always knew that my father had never intended to pass it down to me, with me being his least favourite son. But, here we are, I picked up the large, icy blue, jagged looking sword. I immediately felt a surge or power, something different, something unsettling… Perhaps there was more to this sword then even my father had known, was something within the sword laying dormant this whole time? I did not have time to fully understand it as I was leaving for Blackraven Keep.

Aldrych Betyrina

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