Baron Boroi

Baron of Karpad, Nidal


Baron Stepan Boroi is the head of a minor Nidalese noble family. His manor is located in the small village of Karpad in northern Nidal.


Baron Boroi is the youngest of three brothers. He now rules after the mysterious ‘deaths’ of the other two, Iozef and Henric Jr, whose empty caskets rest in the tombs at the edge of the graveyard by the temple of Zon Kuthon.

He has a wife, Anya, and a newborn son.

After the Harbringers uncovered the betrayal at the hands of Baron Boroi between Nicasor the Shae, they had freed Nicasor from his imprisonment within the mirror deep below the manner. The Baron then met his demise at the hands of Nicasor and placed the rightful heir in rule – Soren Boroi.

Baron Boroi

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