Baroness Pribuska

Ruler of Zelen, The Verge


Baroness Pribuska is forever poring over her balance sheets , obsessed with her profits since she became the exparamour of Duke Arvanoff 3 years ago. She seethes with a burning hatred for Baroness Slavena of Skrata, who has replaced Pribuska in the duke’s affections . Lady Pribuska has entertained the thought of hiring some cutthroat to go upriver and take out her revenge on her replacement some night.

Pribuska unwittingly hired the Witch Hunters to kill her rival Baroness Slavena. There are more details there.


From time to time, Lady Pribuska becomes enamored with some foreigner she takes as a lover for a time, but it never lasts . Eventually this temporary plaything displeases her and ends up floating face down in the Rimeflow.

Baroness Pribuska

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