Baroness Slavena

Former uler of Skrata, The Verge


Eternally bored and idle Baroness Slaven allowed her subordinates to run the town of Skrata, including her Jadwiga husband Ivan Betyrina whom she ignored preferring to spend time with Duke Arvanoff.

Caught up in political intrigue Slavena became the enemy of Baroness Pribuska, her peer and leader of Zelen upriver, and was hunted down by hired bounty hunters and killed.

Unbeknownst to Pribuska, the bounty hunters she hired where allies of Garros Garamonde, one of the very last long forgotten Raemarrundii nobles to walk Golarion. Clever Tom Gati, Zhixian Li, and Vassily Nabokov where all complicit in her murder.


As a Jadwigan ruler Slavena was steeped in the secrets of the boreal and cold magics. Though not as powerful as some she was still feared by much of the subordinate populace of the province.

Baroness Slavena

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