'Mayor' of Delmons Glen


Nestled in the crook of a bend in the river lies Delmons Glen. Home to the Grungir Gnomes and their leader Bavakanka.

Seemingly a powerful druid Bava is the protector of his people in spirit as well as physically. Their magical home and the excitement of living among other Fey and powerful creatures holds off the wasting effects of the bleaching.

Always curious and suspicious of newcomers in equal measure he delights in playing games with most humans that wander close to the village. Many report Illusions upon approach and more recently travelers note the powerful wardstones that have been erected.

Those who have overnighted in the small glen where likely invited to Bavakankas hall for a game of cards.

The powerful gnome protects the glen with many mysterious magics but there are far darker reasons why the most dangerous beasts keep a respectful distance. More than one strange disappearance has occurred close to the glen.


Bavakanka watched from the underbrush as the Wendigo fed.

When the elf had returned to the Glen seeking refuge Bava had known this was a rare opportunity. Only he knew the wards surrounding the village would never be powerful enough to keep these monsters at bay forever should their wrath peak like it almost had the night before. Nightmare spawned and insatiable, the Wendigo forced a shortcoming on the Grundirs food chain. On the natural order of things. There was a price these single-minded creatures demanded that was unnatural but to leave it unpaid would be disastrous for Delmons Glen and the Grundgir Gnomes.

Like a gazelle grazing on grass Bavakanka watched the beasts antlered head rise and fall over the carcass. Swallowing chunks whole like river-fowl and each bite gruesomely defeating the elasticity of the Elfs flesh with a wet tearing sound as it shook each piece free. At times it would use its long twisted claws like a raccoon might when dissecting a craw-dad, looking for the soft treats inside. What the Wendigo did not devour, Wolves and Ravens would feast on, and what they did not pick clean finally maggots and insects would.

Bava turned away.

He felt no remorse for leading the Elf into this trap.

Who would miss him? He had abandoned the companions he arrived with in these dangerous woods. Why, Bava did not ask. The Druidic laws of nature and the forest would seem incomprehensible to humans, dwarves and elves not versed in their intricacies. Destroying such an old soul would sate the beast for a long time, saving many of Bavas own kin and Ulfen druids from a similar fate. Nature demanded the weak be forfeit so others might survive.

Perhaps if he was lucky he could return and fetch the arm and hand-bones.

He needed to make a new staff.


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