Freyr Darkwine

De Facto Commander, Blackravens.


Freyr Darkwine is the interregnum ruler of Trollheim, has the title Castellan of Trollheim and is the commander of the Blackravens military organization.

Having never felled a Linnorm, and having no interest in so doing, he is not a Petty King as the others are. He concerns himself entirely with the defence of the Hagreach provincial border with neighboring Bleakmarch and Verge provinces of Irrisen. No easy task.

While at heart a true Ulfen, Freyrs experience fighting the forces of Irrisen has tempered him into a much more worldly warrior. He understands the subtle power of will when it comes to fighting magics and the underhanded and lethal business of both counter-intelligence and spycraft.

Under his experienced leadership Blackraven Hall has become a steadfast bulwark with myriad defensive capabilities when the time comes to keep the Witches armies at bay. So to have the Blackravens gained valuable insight into how to defeat and protect themselves against all manner of creatures, conjurations, and curses.

Truly an unsung hero in the Land of the Linnorm Kings.


It is generally thought that Freyr Darkwine is native to Trollheim.

Freyr Darkwine

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