The Shae Wizard


Nicasor is a member of the shadowy race known as the shaes, mysterious beings with bodies formed from living shadow. Formerly an advisor to the Boroi family when it held much more influence in Nidal, Nicasor was imprisoned by a midnight mirror 950 years ago for fomenting a revolt against Stepan’s ancestors among his fellow shaes and the many fetchling citizens in Karpad, and his entire family and all fetchlings in the barony were damned to an eternity of torment within the prison.

His life in the prison is almost impossible to chronicle. Age became irrelevant and it seems as if Nicasor quickly made his own laws against procreation and worked to preserve his life as he had lead it before. When Iozef and Henric Jr. entered the mirror they where treated as honored guests, for 10 years. A short time by Nicasors standards. It is unknown when the Midnight Mirror became damaged but it seems that things became incredibly worse for the few residents left.

Nicasor is a worshipper of Nethys, the all-seeing eye, and cares little for Zon Kuthon. It is thought that he came to Nidal at the behest of the then-powerful Boroi Family around 3754 from Sothis, Osirion where he was working as an ambassador for the Onyx Alliance to instead be an advisor in their court. Seeing how the Fetchling population was treated did not sit well with Nicasor and he began aiding them secretly. This led to his imprisonment and exile. He does not speak much more about it.


Nicasor lived in a much different world. The Whispering Tyrant still ruled Ustlav and the Empire of Kelesh influenced much of where he made his material-plane home in Osirion. The River Kingdoms where just being founded and Queen Aelena was on the White Throne in Irrisen.

He is generally neutral, scholarly, and inclined to help the Harbingers as they where crucial in securing his release. It will take a long time for him to become accustomed to Golarion in 4713 and will probably return to Shadow Absolom when his debt is paid.


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