Rakim of Rahadoum

The Merchant Prince


“As-salamu alaykum, Travelers…” He began…

“I am Rakim of Rahadoum”

“My family has traded south along the western coast for generations. Even stopping in the Shackles themselves when the political climate was tame enough. Though as you can imagine that was rare.” He chuckles.

“Recently the Pirates of the shackles have decided no ships shall pass unmolested. The taxes and ransoms are exorbitant. Often twice the worth of the cargo. Though my family is not poor we would certainly quickly become so if this is how we did business.” Rakim slowly rubs his tanned and weathered chin. Covered in 5 days stubble.

“So we joined a Merchant Republic, deciding instead to use our combined fleets to press past Chelaxian blockades at the Arch of Aroden and into the Inner sea. I have heard stories that one of your own Linnorm Queens managed the same feat once before simply to say it could be done. I applaud her bravery.” Rakim nods with the bouncing of the cart and continues.

“My people are intrepid and brave but still, maintaining such a fleet of ships and the men with skill to pilot them is expensive. We cannot maintain such a tactic forever. So here I am in your Land of the Linnorm Kings as I have been in Nidal, Varisa and will eventually be in Hermea if I can secure passage south again on a ship. I hope to open these ports to trade with our family and I am glad to have met such interesting adventurers to accompany me for the last leg of my Journey.”

Rakim has been aiding the Witch Hunters as much as he can. He is not averse to espionage if it profits him and seems to be for good. He also has surrendered a magic item or two from his collection and if they aid him in networking with other merchant towns he will surely be an asset when it comes to sourcing items.

Rakim has opened offices in:
*Kalsgard, Thanelands, LK.
*Blackraven Hall, Hagreach, LK.
*Skrata, The Verge, Irrisen.


Rakim has been give the Warrant of Trade and has said he will aid the Hunters.

Rakim is also exempt from tax at Blackraven Hall, having aided in espionage at his own peril

Rakim of Rahadoum

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