Cleric of Desna


A secret devout follower of Desna working at The Weeping Willow Inn, Karpad.


Rucia received a vision from Desna, a great Star Monarch.

The Star Monarch waited for 12 nights in a conjured sanctuary in the woods outside Karpad as Rucia snuck away to visit her. Each night she was given another gift, each more powerful than the last, and asked to guide travelers along Gerons way should they require and be friendly, good folk. Rucia is part of a network of worshippers who are relentlessly hunted by a hired group of Nidalese mercenaries called Dream Hunters.


Because of their goddess’ adversarial relationship with Zon-Kuthon, worshipers of the Song of Stars have long tried to infiltrate the Kuthonite nation of Nidal. Even though the worship of any other deity in that nation is illegal, Desnans have had some success in northern Nidal, in a region known as the Atteran Ranches. When the central government in Pangolais discovered this and was about to intervene, the great ranching families of the area held them off by promising to take care of the problem themselves. They formed posses of mercenaries called dream hunters to track down and eliminate any Densa-worshipers.


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