Sigfastr Gunnarsen

Master of the Shipyards


The Master of Shipyards is Sigfastr Gunnarsen, a dwarf whose family has long resided in Kalsgard. With an innate affinity for woodcraft, Sigfastr journeyed to distant parts of Avistan to perfect the craft of shipbuilding. Having worked and studied in other great shipbuilding cities, he returned home and quickly rose through the ranks of the shipbuilders’ guild. It is well known he hopes to personally craft the ship that Svienn Blood-Eagle will sail to Arcadia.


Sigfastr enjoys watching the ships come and go from the Kalsgard docks and bartering for rare timbers. He can be found at the Jade Panther enjoying a swill of ale in the Fire Quarter or in the Oaken Quarter as the acting authority on the docks.

Sigfastr had a part in disassembling the Ice Crown Union by aiding the hero’s of Kalsgard.

Sigfastr Gunnarsen

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