Tyrod the Paladin

Travelling the roads, disregarding codes.


Tyrod made an appearance on the road between Kalsgard and Blackraven hall. He wanted to make sure the road was safe. He joined the contingent of Veteran Huscarls, Witch Hunters, and the Cleric of Gorum. Parading along at the front he thrust his greathammer into the air to and fro like a band leader with his baton. Set upon by hill giants and white wolves of Irrisen he smote them down with his holy power.

Ignoring the intricacies of the plans the Witch Hunters where hatching to infiltrate Irrisen subtly he insisted they attack a small irrelevant hill fort called Gojko. After breaking the door down and murdering every man standing without asking questions Mary Sue Tyrod marched back to Blackraven Hall and disappeared.

Assimar. Aasimar? Whichever.


In battle (Because, paladin/oracle…) Tyrod speaks in tongues. So he pretty much just yells “Trolololololololol”

Tyrod the Paladin

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