Dearly departed proprietor of the Jade Panther


One of the first friendly faces the Witch Hunter group (As they’ve come to be known by the citizens of Kalsgard) encountered in Kalsgard together; Woo offered accommodation and nourishment for a very low and suspicious price.

Before the time of health inspections Woo held his establishment to a standard that was satisfactory to most of the Ulfen patrons that graced the place. Usually because they where too inebriated to trek across the city into another district after a shift on the docks.

Communicating entirely in broken-common or Tian language Woo insisted that he aid the party on occasion after being convinced that the ‘Irrisen koksukrahs’ where out to get him and his meager profit margin.

He was killed by a doppelganger. The koksukrahs did get him in the end but not without a fight.


Woo was a first generation migrant to Kalsgard and lived in the Jade district with other Tians. He had traveled over the Path of Aganhei as so many before and after him.


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