Yolanda Yelizaveta

A forgotten dynasty


Yolanda did not go by her name any longer. She hadn’t had a name for 100 years. She was exiled into the Grungir forest and forgotten. Destined to work her powerful magics against its inhabitants and the Ulfen people of the Thanelands and Southmoors, Sowing discord and corruption.

In a way it had been more satisfying to unleash her power so savagely. Her old life among the Jadwiga had been one of subtle influence and politicking. Simultaneously satisfying and frustrating.

None of that matters now though, her head is firmly on a pike, being paraded down the thoroughfares of Kalsgard…


Just before the Witches demise…

She barres her sharpened teeth as she see’s them approach. Her black, frostbitten skin wrinkling at the corners of her mouth as she sneers. Her thin and scraggly white hair blows in the snow speckled breeze. She was beautiful once

Pushing aside a snow-ladden pine bough with her black ice staff decorated with bones and gems she watches for a time as the adventurers step high and trudge slowly through the snow.

Holding back a sadistic cackle she turns and walks flawlessly on top of the snow. She leaves no trace.

The ice-bound sentinels she had fashioned yearned to stir and rise up from the lake to crush the intruders but she soothed them with her twisted motherly mind-whispers. Their base intelligence was no source of companionship and she was reminded how utterly isolated she was from the coven.

She could have been so much more had Elvanna, the current queen, not usurped her lovely mother Yelizaveta the 13th in line. Irrisen politics where cruel and arbitrary. Everyone at the whim of Baba Yagas incomprehensible desires and appointments.

The Yelizaveta Dynasty was still noble but the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of that line where quickly appointed new stations when Elvanna came to power.

…and so she was here. A chance to gain great favor.

There was just one little problem

Yolanda Yelizaveta

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