Yuri Yelizaveta

Iron Guard Captain


Yuri Yelizaveta is a surviving member of the Yelizaveta Dynasty whom was not caught in the disenfranchising of the vast majority of others of similar ancrestry.

Having proved his worth Yuri continues to serve the Irrisen military in the Verge province. He has valuable experience and knowledge in dealing with the myriad creatures of the auxiliary forces. Winter wolves, Trolls, Fey and Giant lords all consider Yuri a tolerable liason.

Though not common in Irrisen Yuri occasionally supplements their forces with mercenaries. Under the reign of Elvannas’ dynasty he works tirelessly to impress his patrons by hatching schemes of his own. He’s been known to hire all manner of nefarious characters and is slowly coming to regret his decisions as most mercenaries do not take well to the Jadwigan brand of authority.


Yuri Yelizaveta

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