Blackraven Hall

3314 Blackraven Hall is established to act as a bulwark against the Witch Queen’s forces. The Blackravens themselves play a key role in preventing further expansion by Irrisen into the western kingdoms.


One of the largest fortresses in the Linnorm Kingdoms, Blackraven Hall is also certainly one of the best defended. The hall stands on the border with Irrisen, overlooking the Rimeflow River and controlling legitimate traffic to and from the enemy nation.

Those with legitimate business in Irrisen must pay hefty taxes if they seek to use the river for travel into that nation, while those seeking flight from Irrisen along the river spend several days, or even weeks, as little more than captives in Blackraven’s extensive dungeons awaiting judgment as friend or foe.

Much like Castle Korvosa to the south in Varisia, the hall itself is built on the foundations of an ancient Thassilonian pyramid, which is filled with numerous chambers and strange magical defenses and resources. These defenses, which include a number of golems and bound outsiders, have proven time and again to be invaluable against certain magics from the winter witches that would cut down the typical human soldier with ease.

Freyr Darkwine has spent the last decade improving the fortress’s defenses, excavating a series of moats and spike-filled ditches and laying down other obstacles to keep enemies in range of the Blackravens’ arrows longer before they get to the wall; the recent addition of several allied river drakes as moat monsters has provided the Hall an even greater defense than before.

Blackraven Hall

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