Furyborn Longsword

Almost forgotten deep in the Citadel of Kalsgard, the Furyborn sword has been salvaged. Oiled and put to the whetstone the serpent is revealed in the sword. Pattern welded into the weapon by a team of at least 8 men working night and day under a veteran Ulfen smith this sword is a masterpiece.

1400 years have passed since this sword was in the collection of the last true King of Raemaruund. King Ethered. Now long dead after the invasion of Baba Yaga which severed the province he once ruled from the Linnorm Kingdom. It’s now known as Irrisen.


After the ancient blade was placed in his hands by the Wyrdmake, Garros examined it very closely. Placing the sword in an angular fashion in front of him, his eyes darted along the edge and noted the incredible craftsmanship of the blade. The pommel and blade were weighted so that the balance was absolutely perfect.

This sword resonated with Garros, almost mirroring his inner rage and hated in his heart. He took a moment to collect himself and breathed deeply as he pointed the blade at the Wyrdmake, “I shall call it Wrath”.

This relic which was once apart of King Ethered’s personal collection is now carried by Garros Garamonde and has been bestowed a new name: Wrath.

Furyborn Longsword

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