The village of Gojko has no logical reason to exist. Nearly 100 years ago, General Gojko Kseniya defeated a Blackraven raiding party sent over the border from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The vain commander decreed that a town be built on the site to commemorate his great victory. Since that time, Gojko’s descendants have maintained the village as a tiny fief in the middle of nowhere, coveted by none.


The village has dwindled to a thin population of less than 90 Ulfen peasants and Jadwiga, ruled by Baron Mikula Kseniya, who struggles to preserve what’s left of his family’s aristocratic privileges. Years of maintaining the isolated settlement have diminished the family’s wealth so severely that Lord Mikula can barely bring in enough food to feed his own household servants (naturally, the baron’s family and the village’s few other Jadwiga residents get the lion’s share of imported supplies). The village’s Ulfen peasants, all of whom might leave if given permission to do so, fend for themselves as best they can.

Frequent hunting parties scour the tundra, bringing in what little they can find or kill, but most peasant meals consist of winteryew gruel: a thin, tasteles s concoction made from boiling bark and seeds gathered from a small grove of winteryew trees outside the village. Lord Mikula has tried in vain to persuade merchants to supply Vasterborg or Redtooth through Gojko, which would put the village on the map, but the Vasterborg Run out of Zelen provides a faster (and safer) way to transport goods from the Rimeflow to the settlements of the province’s interior.


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