Heralds of Summers Return

The Heralds of Summer’s Return is an underground, anti-government movement of idealists and freedom fighters in Irrisen.

The movement began after the tragic end of the Hoarwood Rebellion in 3445 AR. The first act of the movement was made during the Hoarwood’s dedication ceremony hosted by the Duchess Osilla Morgannan in 3449 AR. It was a suicidal attack that failed but in which the Duchess Osilla lost one eye. As a result Duchess of Hoarwood ordered that every peasant in the province even the children would suffer the same. But the movement itself did not die. With a loose organization it carried on to this day engaging in sabotage and preserving the Ulfen people’s hope that someday the White Witches will be defeated.

Most members worship Desna in secret. Hoping she will look favorably upon their endeavors given she reigns over the domains of both luck and liberation. Small shrines hidden outside towns in glens and other places of beauty often go unnoticed in their simplicity.

Notable Members

Tom of the Gatii has been known to aid the Heralds of Summers return.

Heralds of Summers Return

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