“When the breath of wolves rushes down from the spears of the north, there’s no easy place to find safety and warmth. Hunters huddle in caves like bears, and families crouch like shadows around pitiful fires, and sailors shiver until their black toes feel cold no more. But when one finds a warm spot, a place to make a bed and home free from the killing cold, he can’t keep his secret for long. Kalsgard is the worst kept secret in the north, and in droves they come – for riches, for safety, for warmth. Many find none of these, for on the banks of the Rimeflow men have walled out the killing cold, but become more dangerous wolves than any born amidst ice and stone.”

- Wind Sister Talla Yrsasdottir

The city of Kalsgard sits on the southern bank of the Rimeflow River in the more northern reaches of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings known as the Thanelands. It is the biggest city in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and as such is the most cosmopolitan city for several hundred miles, housing communities of dwarves, gnomes, Varisians and people from even further afield. Kalsgard is also home of the oldest and most powerful of the Linnorm Kings, Sveinn Blood-Eagle, though it is suspected that he will soon be making his final journey across the seas to Valenhall in distant Arcadia, as is the tradition amongst the Linnorm Kings.

Underneath the city is another living area known as the enclave of Undercroft, home to many dwarves. Across the Rimeflow River, on its northern bank, lies the associated township of Iceferry, where many of the city’s gnomes reside.

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