Redtooth is not built on a major waterway as every other provincial capital in Irrisen. The city lacks walls and sits atop a steep hill, encircled with a ring of wooden towers which also serve as barracks for Redtooth’s militia, known as the Red Claws. Duke Arvanoff’s impressive stone castle, called the Keep of the Hound, is the center of the government and also the center of military operations. The Keep of the Hound is located in the center of the town. West of the castle are the army’s storage silos and east of the castle are the permanent camps of the duke’s elite units, known as the Queen’s Storm. The bulk of the city’s population lives in neighborhoods surrounding this military complex.


Winter wolves in Redtooth have the power to assume human form. Every building in the town has its own gated entryway. By ancient agreement, necessary to keep the peace in town, a winter wolf may not open a closed gate without invitation. At night, the winter wolves take on their true, animal forms, and howls fill the night air. Most of Redtooth’s human residents stay indoors at night when the winter wolves prowl its darkened streets. Rogosh Vix, the captain of the Red Claws, is a fearful winter wolf although he usually uses his human form.

Seven neighborhoods surround the military complex of Duke’s Castle, located between the castle and the ring of wooden towers encircling the town. Nearly half the winter wolves in town live in Blue Fang district in houses like those of their human neighbors, complete with gated entryways. South of the Blue Fang is the Clawfoot Quarter district with a lot of rowdy taverns, some of which have a few rooms to let. Their common rooms host drinkers who dare not leave for home until the sun rises, Whitetail district and Houndsrange district are inhabited by Jadwiga middle class and city’s armorers. Redtooth’s wealthy residents live in the outer neighborhoods of Sunrose, Vastborough and Norborough. A number of very wealthy citizens, mostly retired military officers live in gated manors on the outskirts of the town. Redtooth hosts seven “market circles”, where temporary markets are set up in the morning and disassembled before dusk five days a week.


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