Three Troll

Three-Troll is a small town in the Irriseni province known as the the Verge which holds a great number of ice trolls.

Freyr Darkwine after discussion with Tom Gati has decided to target Three Troll for the first of a large campaign of incursions into the Verge in an attempt to cripple Duke Arvanoffs attempts at gathering a larger army for invasion at the behest of his mother, the matriarch of Irrisen, Queen Elvanna.


Three-Troll began as a camp for the Irriseni military and its auxiliary companies of ice trolls raiding the neighboring Grungir Forest and over time grew into a small town. Three rock troll statues stand in the town square; these were rock trolls petrified when they were caught in the sun during the Winter War and have since given the name to the town.

The ruler of Three-Troll is Baroness Nedyalka but she prefers to stay in the duke’s court and rarely visits the town leaving the ice trolls to govern themselves.

Three Troll

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