Warrant of Trade

Warrant of Trade

Resolved henceforth in the name of the Most Beneficient State Herself, By her birthright she grants this Warrant of Trade to:

Rakim of Rahadoum

And to all of his line, from now until the end of time.

The Bearer of this Warrant of Trade is granted the inalienable right to go forth beyond and within the sacred borders of the Land of Eternal Winter, Irrisen, to contact such parties with supply or demand as he may encounter, and to travel freely as he deems necessary. By the authority of the Jadwiga, this Warrant places the Bearer as a peer to the great powers of Irrsen, inter alia: Irrisen Commanders, Beastly lords of the Auxiliaries, and the masters of Village, Town, City or Province.

It is the bearer’s right and his responsibility to claim through trade whatever artifact, resources, or privaleges he may obtain in any manner he chooses in a fashion that benefits the state herself.

By writ of Seal of The Jadwiga


Warrant of Trade

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