In a time very much long forgotten Zon-Kuthon was known as Dou-Bral, now he is known to posses the single most twisted and evil mind throughout any of the planes. Being the god of pain does not come without accreditation for he has been the source and center of uncountable tortures, murders and unthinkable atrocities inflicted throughout time.

Dou-Bral was in opposite to Zon-Kuthon and was a good deity who stood for love, beauty, and the arts with his half-sister Shelyn. Though it is not know for certain, there was a rift that occurred between the half-siblings causing their relationship to become tainted – because of that rift Dou-Bral sought to flee Golarion for the deepest and darkest reaches between the planes. It was in this very darkness that Dou-Bral was tortured and tormented and ultimately possessed by a foreign being. When Dou-Bral returned to Golarion he was no longer the the benevolent deity he once was, now only known as Zon-Kuthon.

Shelyn remarked that her brother no longer resembled his former self and visibly to see not for the better they engaged in battle where she cried out for Dou-Bral only to be met by a never seen before malevolence and violence in her brother. After a battle of epic proportions, Shelyn took the golden glaive that they once shared as deities of love, and beauty. In doing so, she struck a truce that was would be held together more out of avoidance and silence between the siblings.

Zon-Kuthon is known by many names now, The Midnight Lord, The Dark Prince and The Prince of Pain are just a few that both his followers and those who would renounce the deity as their patron.

Pain is of the utmost concern to Zon-Kuthon and his followers. The churches are centers where both misery and pain are inflicted onto those who are open to torture willingly and those who receive it against their will alike.


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