This story began in the Thanelands. A Province ruled by Sveinn Blood-Eagle, a Linnorm King.

The Land of the Linnorm Kings is mostly a cold desert; situated in a near-polar region of Golarion. There are long and extremely cold winters in the northern provinces, rainfall only in summer and occasional snowfall.

The vegetation in the Thanelands is very sparse, consisting mainly a low layer of lichen and mosses due to short life cycle, and they only grow rapidly in summer. They also grow close to the ground for shelter from strong winds. Most trees have small hairy leaves to prevent moisture loss, dark-colored stems to absorb sunlight and a shallow and dense mat of roots to absorb moisture from melting snow.


The natives are a hardy people called the Ulfen. The ancestors of tribal raiders and pirates the founding of petty kingdoms has allowed culture and feudalism to take root. This in turn fostered trade and a powerful economy. Most Ulfen who are not warriors or sailors have followed previous generations as farmers or lumber men. All manner of skilled trades person can be found in the cities that have grown along the coast the largest of which is Kalsgard.


Despite sharing a border with the country of Irrisen for over 1400 years they are still bitter enemies. Baba Yaga invaded what was once the province of Raemerrund. Conquering it in less than a month of brutal warfare.

Since that time much of the Ulfen population lives in slavery to the ruling class of White Witches. All the members of this powerful matriarchy claim descendant to Baba Yaga through each daughter she places on the white throne. This station never lasts more than 100 years as the legendary witch returns without fail to replace the reigning Queen of Irrisen, often upsetting the balance of power drastically and heralding another 100 years of political intrigue and tyranny.

Close to the end of her reign, Queen Elvanna seeks to both exercise her power and ensure her dynasty is remembered in the fearful hearts of her subjects and enemies alike for centuries to come. Her campaign consists of a myriad of infiltrations of almost every city, town, harbor, fort and forest in the Land of the Linnorm kings. She has also appointed her second son, Duke Arvanoff Elvanna, to command the massive armies assembling in the Verge province.

The men concerned with the defence of the border, The Blackravens, fear imminent invasion and seeks aid from each petty king in the land but it may be too late. With more than enough to deal with in their own provinces the Linnorm Kings are unfamiliar with espionage and any manner of clandestine operation. Can the agents Elvanna sent be exposed and dealt with? Can an invasion be thwarted or prevented?

These are dark times for the north. Often Ulfen sagas features heroes that rise to face such challenges but song and story carry embellishment as most pragmatic minds understand. True heroes are needed to face the White Witches of Irrisen.

The Weregild

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