The Weregild

Garros Garamonde - Halls of the Raemarrund

Aelion's Enchanting Song

Just wait
Though wide he may roam
A hero comes home
He goes where no one has gone
But always
A hero comes home
He knows of places unknown
Always a hero comes home
He goes where no one has gone
But always
A hero comes home.

Seldom did the great hall Hrothaett of King Banon fall upon a deafening quiet for it was a place of merrymaking where grand tales and saga’s were told and retold again – each time ever more impressive than the last. At its center was the hearth that just contained the fire that roared and crackled, one after the next, each flame danced higher and then lower again providing warmth and comfort for King Banon and his people. The tables were long and carved from the strongest and most durable of wood, the design much similar to King Banon’s war boats, crafted to fit as many men as he could. They were decorated with goblets and horns, some filled with ale, others that had been spilt from outstretched hands or an argument between various Ulfen men vying for the chance to win the affection of a young maiden. Planks were scattered down the tables and each had carvings and slabs of elk meat cooked just enough so blood still ever so lightly dripped from it’s shavings. This was of no surprise for the people of Doma as they were accustomed to King Banon’s benevolence and in turn they held their king in the highest of regards.

At the end of the hall sat King Banon and beside him sat his queen. The King had always reserved himself and kept a resolve both on and off the battlefield but only when he sat in his hall did Banon truly embody what it meant to be an Ulfen man. Banon drank from a golden horn, taken from a Kellid Warlord – his trophy of combat – and was not modest in the amount of ale that he consumed. Most times, King Banon would be flanked by but a few members of his Blades but it was almost always that Garros stood at his side over watching the frivolities of the evenings in Hrothaett. It was not uncommon for any number of the twelve Blades that were charged with the protection of King Banon to step back in their duty while sitting among the hall of the King and join the peoples of Doma in drinking and eating. Some boastful and confident enough, or perhaps intoxicated enough, would challenge members of the Blades to combat and once their honour had been challenged – King Banon would not see this withheld. This of course always led to either an embarrassing finish for any man of Doma reckless enough to challenge one of the twelve Blades or sometimes yet worse, leaving the challenge with less then they had entered with. This depended entirely on the nature of the challenge for some wished to fight hand to hand and others wished to test their mettle armed with weapons. Through and through, King Banon could be seen spilling ale down his fiery mane of a beard as he watched the fights in laughter and shouted taunts or encouraged his people to fight on. Garros would always be washed by an overwhelming sense of pride in his duty to his Sire and as he watched his brothers he could not help but chuckle himself.

There was a time when Hrothaett did go silent however.

Sharing a close relationship with Garros, King Banon knew his wife Aelion was gifted as a songstress and would call upon her to grace the hall with song. When she sang, every man and woman would pay keen attention as she would begin to pluck her harp and sing her lulling tune, captivating all who listened to its beauty. It was not only the people of Doma who she sang for but it held a deeper meaning to her heart when she would sing to their son Owain as her melody would send him off to sleep at night.

Everytime Garros would hear her sing this song he thought to himself how beautiful it truly was.

These memories were Garros’ and his alone. It was not often he had an opportunity to think back to these days when Hrothaett was filled with his people before the White Witches of Irrisen snuffed out Doma and its people from existence. Irrisen had taken much indeed but they could never take this memory and Garros would never forget the song Aelion sang in the halls of Hrothaett…


Perfect song and a great reminder of what has always been at stake for Garros and also what a great story it has made thus far.

Kyle_Orm Matt_Jones

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