The Weregild

The Foundry

Not the expected welcome...


The Foundry was not what was expected. What was once a great Dwarven hold was a motley collection of miscreants and outcasts. Strangely devoid of places of worship (Namely great temples to Torag) and lacking much of the trade and craft that even a newly founded settlement would offer, the Harbingers make their stay short.

Even with only vague rumor to attract them here their mission was still clear. The lords of the Foundry would need to be made allies of Blackraven Hall in the coming conflict. King Ezelgar was either a puppet or a genuine fool by their reckoning and was poorly squandering the opportunity to lift the hold back up to its former glory.

…and who where the Mistbreather Clan? Why where they lying about their conflict with the Orcs? Dwarves certainly tended to embellish their stories but that could be trusted. Blatantly fabricating a deed was a terribly dishonorable thing to do.

At least this ‘Curse’ was a lead and potentially something that would make Ezelgar and his cohort more pliant when negotiating if it was dispelled.

The Harbingers decided to investigate the source. Sigreirs pledge.


Kyle_Orm Kyle_Orm

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