Eldrim Wyrdmake

Cleric of Gorum


The Wyrdmake, as the Ulfen people call him, is the spiritual council of the court of Kalsgard. Though some may consider him to be the right hand of King Sveinn Blood-Eagle he is not. He is merely an experienced advisor and when the need arises, Inquisitor.

Eldgrim is an anomaly among the Ulfen race. Athletic, pale and tall he bears many scars from his years raiding. So long at sea or on the road in a warband would naturally darken the skin of most men. This is not the case with Eldgrim. Many superstitious folk have attributed his complexion to the ‘wyrd’ that is his namesake. Magic, in other tongues, flows through Eldgrims veigns though he does not display this affinity with simple cantrips and spells.

Those who have seen him in battle insist he fights like a man possessed by a daemon. A true avatar of Gorum save for the weapon he favors. Eschewing the bulky axe favored by huscarls he carries a Seax; a long knife traditionally used in the fields or by bushmen. In place of chain armor he wears light leathers and cloak. His true armor is an almost precognitive battlefield awareness.



The Ironbound Archipelago off the west coast is host to a number of small islands. With hardly any inhabitants Antler Rock, the place of Eldgrims birth, has only one small settlement for fishing, hunting and seasonal mining operation.

A small cave on the island produces a rare species of bio luminescent mushroom that is highly sought after by alchemists and spellcrafters around the inner sea.

Only once did Eldgrim mention during a rowdy evening that one of Gorums servants revealed himself to him upon the rock of an island during a storm. His silence about the event thereafter has fostered years of rumor, song and story.

Eldrim Wyrdmake

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