The Weregild

Garros Garamonde - The Foundry Aftermath

Preparing to Return


The ancient fortress that is the Foundry was once a standing testament of the powerful heights that the Dwarves claimed upon the surface of Golarion. Since that time, it has seen its former glory lost to Orcish hordes and now Anok would see his clan renewed with purpose – it did not take long before the forges were roaring and hammers beating down upon anvil. Rival and lesser orc tribes alike knew full well the futility of any attempt on Anok and his Steel Eaters for he is both a warrior and master smith in equal measure and the fortifications the Foundry provided were nigh impregnable.

With the preparation of armaments for the Blackravens underway, Garros gathered his new companions; Reginald Barclay, Nergui Li and Addarah along with Anok and rolled out a map of the surrounding areas over top of a long work station.

“It seems that the Foundry is now in your more than capable hands Anok, I can only imagine what horrors would have been unleashed lest the Mistbreather clan had not been put to heel. Yet I cannot linger here any further.”

The Retainer pointed at various points on the map, explaining the layout of the lands and the natural benefits of this route and of course, the potential dangers of the proposed travel path which saw the last mark land upon Kalsgard.

“There is one last thing that I ask of you Anok. In order to preserve as much time as possible, we will require your fastest horses and routes that would see us away from the Kodar Mountains in the quickest possible fashion.”

With a grin, Anok knew that this ask was a trivial one in comparison to the gold the Steel Eaters would soon be reaping as benefit to the aid Garros and his companions had provided in re-securing the Foundry. And with a thunderous snort he turned and walked away, motioning at some of his orc clansmen.

Now, the work station saw the swordsman and the others standing around gazing at the map and the path set out before them. Seizing the moment of privacy, Garros went into further detail explaining how he expected the journey through the Kodar Mountains would see them into the southern boarders of Irrisen within the province of Winercrux which would ideally draw the least amount of attention. At which point they would then travel via the Thundering River, unmolested by any attack on ground and would see them follow into the Rimeflow river and then straight onto Kalsgard. At least, this is what the Retainer had hoped.


Truthfully, the swordsman was unsure if they would all follow him or if this was where their paths parted ways and yet so far, he was speaking as if they were already all in agreement. He was certain that Nergui Li would stand by his side to see her father’s wishes through to the end but Addarah was a Steel Eater and Garros was not entirely certain of her motivations or desires to leave the clan – he did know her capabilities with Magicks would be an asset and ultimately, would welcome her in his journey.

Reginald Barclay was still just a lad – at least – in the eyes of the Retainer and he had already began to form his own assumptions about the young Pathfinder. Garros had figured thus far that Reginald would be keen on a sense of adventure and wanted to carve a name for himself within the Society and if that were the case, he knew there would be much glory and opportunities for fame to be claimed given the path the swordsman was currently set upon. For now, until the Retainer understood Reginald a little better, this would be how he would attempt to appeal to him for he would be a valuable ally to have at his side.

“There is one stop we will be making before we set down upon the Thundering River,” Garros motioned over Wintercrux and placed a mark in its south western region, “Thanegraves”.

When Baba Yaga swiftly crushed the Djustor Confederacy and Raemarrund in equal measure both and only within a matter of weeks in 3313 AR she also brought the unending winter. Prior to Baba Yaga’s complete annihilation of this region – families would entomb the most ornate and priceless worldly possessions with their dead at this burial site. Naturally over time, this tomb where every noble and petty king had been interred was now all but forgotten, save for a select few or those stupid enough to stumble across it.

“I can’t say for certain what lies there now in that crypt but taking possession of what rightfully belongs to my people…” there was a long pause, “What STILL belongs to Raemarrund…”

“This will provide us with a means to afford our preparedness for what is to come and what we will do.”



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