The Weregild

Nicasor Returns...

Karpad burns


Nicasors’ time in Shadow Absalom was well spent. His debrief with the Onyx Alliance was uneventful, their motivations sinister as ever, yet not entirely different than the centuries before. He found himself considering that his ideals did not necessarily align with the orders after all this time. His mind often wandered to the small town of Karpad and his nephews unfledged reign as Baron. Would the Tiboros family honor their agreement to act as regents as if he was indeed their own?

It felt good however to be among his own kind in the purity of his plane of origin. He was becoming acclimated to the normal passage of time which was at first foreign after his imprisonment inside the confines of the midnight mirror. He became aware however, that time was now not on his side.

He soon yearned to return to Karpad to see how things where going with Soren Boroi and the rest of the household. The feeling was strange to him. Was it curiosity or something more? He decided he would return soon…


Kyle_Orm Kyle_Orm

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