The Weregild

Retribution of the Steel Eaters

A short siege. A long road ahead.


Anok turned from the Harbingers and looked high into the sky above the Foundry. Doomguides dropped like flies. Their mounts uncooperative and attempting to dismount their riders. The foreboding red sky and accursed lightning was subsiding. Javelins and arrows rose up from the broken ranks of Steel Eaters as they fired recklessly. He fought the urge to shout them back into order and instead, laughed heartily.

“Go on ‘ave yo fun boyz! Gon’ be a long time ’for anyone git tha stones ta test da Steel Eaters again!”

He had been unable to hold his army in line once the first wave of attackers had sallied out from the fortress and broken against their concentrated arrow fire and ballista salvo. He knew too well that if the doors had not swung open their attack would have stalled on the bridge and they would have been massacred. Whatever spell or power had bound the Mistbreathers creatures to purpose was broken. The foundry was theirs again thanks to the Harbingers and the young Adarrah.

The girl had promise, he knew that from early on, she mastered the forge with ease and had moved on to study wild magicks. She seemed to like the newcomers. He looked over at her and grinned. She was threading the jaw onto a decapitated skull so it would stay whole. He was curious what she planned now that she had had her vengeance here.

The other members of the group where returning through the gates into the courtyard and beginning to pick through the detritus of the battle and conversing amongst themselves. He would honor his word to help them. Their patrons promised to pay well. Despite owing everything to them he was excited by the prospect of Blackraven gold. Such an infusion of wealth would help him put the Foundry back into proper business.

He felt the warmth of the Bloodflame ring surge through his veins and he roared in excitement.

“Aight ‘ere we go Steel Eataz back to work den! Git to clearin’ out the hall and yard. Git it back way we ’ad it.”

He pushed his way inside and made for the forges. He would see about these arms and armor for the Linnorm Kings war against the witches.


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