Absolution Blade

While some blades are forged and tempered by artisans of great renown and unmatched craftsmanship, others are created through various means of powerful magics. Garros had been visited by the spirits of his wife Aelion and son Owain, during which, they shared a moment that would set him on the path to personal freedom from his own suffering.

As a memento, Aelion and Owain’s essence converged into one bright focused light and a reminder that they would never leave the retainer’s side. Before him stood a blade that echoed a salvation and an end to his burning rage and hatred that was deep-seated in his heart.

The blade glimmered with a white sheen that would never dull and its edge was razor sharp. The pommel and hilt were inlaid with three gems which swirled with a murky green cloud when observed – these gems represented the the bond between Garros and his family and how it would never be forgotten.


Absolution Blade

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